I've updated my webpage.

Finished my Summersmut and Weasley_fest and sent them in.
Taken on a Weasley_fest pinch hit.
Finished my rarepair drabble, just haven't posted it.
Started my Hallowedmoments,thought about my pinch hit, pondered my femmgenathon.

And finished my R/S AU... just haven't send it in yet... yeah. 


I'm also putting together a rec list on my website. It's going to be epic... I feel like it's just going to be fucking amazing. 

So I'm going to be looking for you favorite fics. Yesyes. I'm working on my R/S one and then I'll move on from there.

On another note... I'm in love with Bob Dylan. I wish I could just quit life and listen/sing to Dylan for the rest of the time I breathed.

Guh. "It ain't me babe, nah nah nah, it ain't me babe... it ain't me you're lookin' for babe."

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  

From: [identity profile] luvscharlie.livejournal.com

Oooh, a rec list-- Don't forget Pandora Jones' Consequences (and I especially like the very first one she did about Charlie/Tonks-- A Christmas Carol)


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