Several things:

+ this post is public because I have some posting things to say about fics.

+ If I have not friended you back or have defriended you: This journal is mostly just me ranting about LGBT issues, my disaster of a love life, school, fic and various personal things. But I'm also really protective of the small amount of LJ friends I've made. I don't make friends easily and I love the ones I have on LJ. If I've defriended you, it's probably because I'm a pretty active lurker and I read comments people make and blahblahblah- it's nothing personal other than it is. You won't fit in with my lovely LJers and I love them more than I love you or could ever love you. Sorry. As for friending; I've had a HUGE pile of inboxes with notes on friending. I'll get to them later. I just want people to feel open about being able to comment here. And they can't when they realize I've got a lurker on my journal who just wants to watch what people say so they can report back. I'm not saying any of you actually are. I'm saying I don't know and it's better to be safe than sorry. Ya know? It's the whole reason why my journal is friendsonly- so we can bitch in private. ; )

+ is UPDATED! I know, say it isn't so. I've posted 9 fics up there. INCLUDING: Harry/Ginny, Percy/Oliver, Hermione/Ron, Albus/Scorpius (The family fic is up there! It's called Ministry Events) and Remus/Sirius. If you've friended me for the fic, there is no need. It's all up there!

+ Go read this: It's a fabulous little H/G fic that is realistic and pretty fabulous and no fluff. I loved how real it was. How tangible the characters felt.

+ OMG if you haven't yet, go read THIS: Don't worry about the pairing. It's not there at all. Only in longing. JUST GO YOU'LL LOVE IT!



+ Crush is so cute!!!!! SO CUTE but gone back to Texas for a wedding. But dude, why is being from Texas kind of a turn on? Lol

+ Went to a panel discussion on porn. Will report back with more later because OMG I learned so much. And I took some bitch out because she was being kind of ridiculous.

+ Have a fabulous day!!!

From: [identity profile]

Oh lord, are people being all troll-like and stupid again? Sheesh. Enough already.

And I read that article this morning. Hee.

From: [identity profile]

There is wank. Not much. But enough for there to be a million people friending me at once. Lol. Who knows!

Dude, fucking amazing article. I was torn between insulted and excited. lol.

Enough already It never ends!!

From: [identity profile]

I prefer stalking to lurking.

*signs up to be Emily's stalker*

Dude, a porn panel? That merits serious discussion! We need details.

From: [identity profile]

Is this your official application for stalkerdom? Because, if so, I ACCEPT!

Yes, a porn panel. About the merits of porn, where is the line between porn and prostitution, female objectification, violence and of course, WHERE THE BEST PORN AT! Lol. It was awesome. Seriously, it was HANDS DOWN the best two hours I have ever spent at the University of Colorado. LOL.

From: [identity profile]

*pins on stalker badge of honor*

That is seriously cool. You need to write this letter home:

Dear Mom,
I went to school today to learn where to surf the net for the best porn. I've decided to take the class. I expect to ace it.

From: [identity profile]

LOL! My mom would be like: I'm on the next plane out- because she's just a big perv. I'm sure of it. She would totally be involved with fandom like- 20 years ago.


From: [identity profile]

"why is being from Texas kind of a turn on?"
1. Cause "everything" is bigger in Texas! :-)
2. Texas accent and a good-ole-boy demeanor

From: [identity profile]

Mr. Crush is totally from Texas. Fort Worth actually. He's so cute. He says; "Ya'll" sometimes and I grin about it. I kind of make me want to tackle him. MUAHAHAHAAA.

He IS a good boy and I'm not really sure how to handle that. But it's cute and awesome and it gets him in trouble a lot- which I like even more.

"everything" is bigger in Texas!- I'm kind of counting on it. I'm going to be very disappointed if I'm wrong!! I will have to come after you and beg you to send me porn like you do Shannon. ; )

From: [identity profile]

I should have just called this: "The Entry in Which Emily Flatters Her Flist Until They Fuck Her". There was that much praise in this post.

I wanted to say: There is just barely enough room on my flist for both Max and Shannon to hang out- there is no room FOR ANYONE ELSE! Lol.


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